Thursday, November 10, 2011

I need a vintage Turkish rug in my life

I seriously need one of these in my life. Preferably one that does not set me back $2,000. Any suggestions??

The one and only Jenna Lyons entry

Jayson Home and Garden

This photo has been sitting in my inspiration file forever. I love everything about it.


  1. OMG that first picture of the door is gorgeous!! And I love the bed and the rug in the last one!!

    Happy Thursday <3
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  2. My fiancee is Armenian (as am I...well, half Armenian half Russian), and these sorts or rugs are a large part of our we're lucky to have a few in our apartment :) But I'm always careful with how I decorate around them....simplicity is the best, otherwise it would look like a grandmother's apartment ;)

    There are quite a few Armenian rug vendors in Evanston (Oscar Isberian) and from what I remember they have all price ranges.

  3. I have a mad desire for one of those too! LOVE!!!

  4. The Jenna Lyons entry...EYE CANDY!