Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Ahem... let's get something straight. I am all for eating good food and staying healthy and one of my nightly goals is not to end up falling asleep on the couch with a half eaten mango pop in my hand while the Real Housewives reruns auto pay on Netflix. (happened) But, sometimes when The Boy is busy and the girls are in town, it's appropriate to throw caution to the wind and get crazy.... but, where to get crazy? I can't just roll 5 deep over to the bar for a pitcher and a $1 veggie burger, especially when one of my 5 is prego and another recently swore off food that has too many letters in the name... she refers to them as "long foods".

Enter Quartino.

This place is consistently good. They practically give away wine by the liter and the food is just so yum.

Yes, we ended our meal of pizza with little Italian doughnuts dipped in a dark chocolate sauce. Don't judge.

Also, please no judgment on this bathroom photo taken on my phone. The chair was just too gorgeous.

And how about this bar??


  1. Great post, love Quartino!

  2. Love Quartino! Has been the spot of many many girls nights!

  3. We live in Michigan and travel to Quartino Several times a year. We never, ever come to Chi-town with out eating at Quartino. Just had the heirloom tomatoes, they were delish. But always have the eggplant parm every time. I collect the postcards and hang them in my kitchen. We love the food, atmosphere, love love Q.

  4. Love Quartino and love Kimmy! Too cute!