Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's 2011, why not?

So, the reason I've been MIA in blog world as of late, is that I'm not really into the whole New Years resolution thing. But I'm back and I've been inspired by some of my fellow bloggers, so here it goes:

TCG's Goals for 2011:
* Do something different - personally and professionally
* Join, and actually go to the gym that is opening up three blocks from my home
* Spend more time with friends - pick up the phone instead of emailing/texting
*Don't sweat the small stuff
* More blogging

To ring in the new year, Bob and I went to Perennial with Cara (an urban cottage) and her fiance Nate. Great food, great atmosphere, even better friends. We ate ahi tuna fish tacos, oysters, butternut squash risotto, seared scallops with an array of yummy sauces, chocolate gouache with lime sorbet and, of course, champagne!

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