Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chicago Q

Saturday night we dined at Chicago Q - an upscale BBQ spot we've heard so much about lately. Upon arrival the place was packed (to be expected at 8pm on a Saturday night). Once we spotted two seats at the bar up front and settled in with cocktails, we were prepared for our way-too-long wait. The mint juleps are their signature drink, and they come in the classically adorable silver julep cups {below}. Once we were lead to the spacious dining area, I was able to see the black and white banisters, reclaimed wood floors and soft leather seating. It feels like an old Southern plantation. And then the food came. Diners begin with homemade chips and bread and butter pickles. I literally could not stop eating these sweet and salty, crunchy, yummy pickles! We moved on to a green salad with smoked cherry tomatoes, Bob had the ribs with their signature rub. A selection of three barbecue sauces was served on the side so that the flavor of the meat can shine. I (being the pesco-vegetarian I am) ordered the lemon barbecue shrimp and was not disappointed. What would this Southern comfort meal be without a piece of cornbread as big as your head with honey butter and a side of bubbling mac and cheese served in a skillet? If you intend to eat here, I'd wouldn't advise any heavy activity directly following. We left very full and happy and headed to Bangers and Lace - a Wicker Park bar with a huge beer selection, where we met some friends to continue the birthday weekend celebration!

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  1. Yum! All the food sounds delicious especially those pickles!! I will definitely have to hit up Chicago Q!