Monday, April 11, 2011

Help please

I apologize for having gone missing from the blog world for the past few days - an unexpected work trip came up and I was feeling pretty uninspired. A quiet weekend at home did the trick though. Now, I need your help:

The back room in our tiny two bedroom condo has been our project since we moved in about a year and half ago. Before we took over it was a nursery with bright green walls and white carpet. We immediately painted {Dolphin Fin Gray} and a couple months ago the bf and some of his buddies tackled the floors, turning ugly carpet into chocolate wide planked hard wood. It is certainly coming together.

The purpose of this room is a little bit of everything. It has a door to our backyard, so there is a lot of in and out, especially with our bulldog. It also serves as an office space, and houses my big white chair that is ideal for curling up in, which I've built sort of a reading nook around.

The latest addition: a chunky braided jute rug. The room is 8x12 {cozy}. I ordered the 3x5 rug because my only other option was a 5x8, which would cover most of the beautiful floors. I'm not quite sure this proportion works... thoughts?? {Please excuse the mess, the base boards are not in yet and it is still coming together... and also the exhausted bf!}


  1. Ash, I think the rug in your living room is 5X8. Drag it in there and just see how the size looks! I think you'll be happy with something a little bigger!

  2. It's a great rug! I think it could still work in the space, if it was maybe anchored a little closer to a wall. How would it look with more of the corner placed underneath the chair, and closer to the reading nook wall? Or under the desk?

    Agree with Cara though -- you can always test it out with other rugs before investing it anything!

  3. Ash, I love the rug and the wood floors look amazing. I definitely agree with Victoria that you should try angling it under the chair as it will make that area a little more warm and cozy for reading.

  4. Not the sort of pose I would have chosen for my second guest appearance on your blog. Your readers don't even know me yet.

  5. love your blog! hmm this is tricky, but i do think that the rug is too tiny :( you are lucky and have gorgeous hardwood floors so you don't even need a rug! but ive got some fabulous pics of rugs on my blog from dash and albert! check em out...