Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kitchen Wishin'

I'm craving a back splash in our kitchen. When we moved in, the kitchen had been redone the previous year. It was love at first sight. After living with it for a bit, I realized something was missing... a back splash. Now, I don't know if a back splash is completely necessary, but I do think it makes the space look finished and well done. At first, I was all about the glass subway tiles (we have these in our bathroom and love them). After further consideration, I think a classic large white porcelain subway tile is the way to go. Here is my inspiration.


  1. Totally all about the subway's my kitchen in progress back in September...they accidentally put in cream tiles instead of white so imagine this with white subway tile instead!

    also just a don't allow comments with just name and url so I'm using my old Typepad account but once I shut that down, I won't be able to comment anymore. :(

  2. Its so funny, I chose glass subway tile and quartzite counters. Its pretty, dont get me wrong. But if I could do over I'd do white subway tile and calcutta gold. Is it wrong to start saving to redo a 2 year old kitchen?

  3. Krista, I love that you did the tiles all the way to the ceiling! How do I change my comment preferences??

    - A

  4. love that first kitchen. i considered subway tiles for my kitchen, but decided on something a little different- a hexagon mosaic. we just finished it today so i'll be posting pics next week.
    cute blog!

  5. I love white kitchens but the subway tiles make me a little uneasy. They look gorgeous in model homes, but for some reason I don't think I'd like them in my home. Thanks for sharing these with us! xoxo