Monday, October 4, 2010

A Trip to the Apple Orchard

Yesterday we took a trip to the apple orchard to get our fall fix. I now have more apples than I know what to do with. Here's what I'm thinking...

Apple Crumble

I use this recipe from and alter the fruit for an extremely easy and seasonal desert. It's especially yummy with some vanilla ice cream.

I just read about this one and can not wait to try it. How amazing does that look? Any other suggestions?


  1. How about bringing some apple crumble to the office? I think it's a brilliant idea. Please and thanks. :)

  2. Do you guys have a kitchen aid mixer? There is an apple crisp recipe that I used from the KA Mixer cookbook that is super easy and delish! I can't wait for you to come visit! Chat soon. xx

  3. I don't. It's on my list though!

  4. Yum. Make the apple crisp ... and add cranberries to make it super Fall! Oh and then come over and share it with your best friend!